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Page One Engine Review: Inside Page One Engine

What is Inside Page One Engine? Page One Engine is loaded and perhaps the best you can have in 2015 and beyond. It is an All-In-One suite course that have 8 modules of training, tools & resources, Training and Private Blog Networks.

Page One Engine Review

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Forex Signals Review

The Forex Signals Review

Monday, October 12, 2009

How to market your choosing product

First thing first
Having decided on the product you want to promote on a particular market platform. The first thing that needs to be done is to get your hoplink for that product. Hoplinks are unique URL that is created along with your nickname or username. It will uniquely identify the traffic that you send to the vendors product, so as to get credit for sale that comes through you. Example of a clickbank linking code is http://xxxx.product.hop.clickbank.net; where xxxx stand for your affiliate ID. Once you get this code, it can then be used within your marketing campaign.

Marketing Strategies
Marketing affiliate product on the internet can be done in variety of ways. There are two broad ways namely: 1. Direct linking and, 2. Indirect linking

Direct linking: This does not naturally convert higher as having your own webpage but it does convert as much as 1; 20 to 1; 60 for some product. The joy there is that it does not involve the stress and pains of having your own webpage or blog. This is done by simply inserting you link codes directly into your campaign and invariable take prospective buyers to the vendors sales page.

Indirect linking: This involves the use of websites/blogs (free or paid), this will serve a pre-sales page for the product. Your website/blog will just be used as a review page for the product and it is on your site that your hoplink/linking codes will be used.

Advertising Techniques
One thing is certain and unanimously agreed upon by all marketer (online or offline), advertisement is a must. There are lots of advertising techniques that can be used, some among which are:
1. PPC (Pay Per Click)
This is the single most effective and efficient advertising techniques that help in driving targeted traffic to your site. You are in full control because you can select your own specific keyword and position of your ads. Highly competitive keywords incure higher cost per click. Even if you are on a tight budget PPC is also possible because you are availed the opportunity of deciding how much you are willing to pay per click. If you want to go for PPC TECHNIQUE, the following Search engines are highly recommended;
-Google Adwords
-Yahoo Search Marketing (free $50 to start off)
-MSN Adcenter.
For further reading and step by step guide on PPC Marketing, you should try and lay your hand on the best e-book in the industry (Beating adwords). You can however get it as a bonus by signing up through this link http://www.my-linker.com/hop/adwordssimplified

2. Review Site
What you simply do here is compare the product you are marketing against other similar product within the industry. The following components are essential for a review site:
i. Create a review page that has at least three (3) products.
ii. Rate the products based on benefit, price, support, value, guarantee e.t.c; and rate yours (the one you are promoting) as the best.
iii. Put several links for your product and other merchant pages on your site, i.e you will have to register as affiliate for other products too because though your product will covert between 80-90%, other products will generate sales too.
iv. Drive high level, relevant and well targeted traffic to your site.
 This can be done with both paid and free websites/blog.

3. Forum Crawling
This is another free traffic for your product and website. It is an effective technique to generate sales at no cost. All you need to do is to look for forum(s) that are related to your product. For example if you are promoting a ‘DIET package”, all you need to do is go to google and search for ‘diet+forum’. There a lot of affiliate marketing forum that cab used out there.
The key to sales through forums is to make sure that you are relevant either by starting a thread or reacting to one and putting your affiliate links as signature at the end of your postings.

4. Article writing (Bum Marketing)
Are you good at writing? Or a good copywriter? The affiliate marketing platform is a good place to not only showcase your talent but also get it paying for you. What you need to ensure is that your articles are spinned around your keywords. It makes sales for you both directly and indirectly. Directly through those that read the articles and click on your affiliate links and indirectly through websites that use your article as their site contents. However, if you a dumb head at writing, you can as well outsource your writing. Here are some site where you can get good outsourced job done for you:
associatedcontent.com e.t.c

Whichever way you get the article, just make sure that your linking codes (hoplinks) are included in the resource box and well advertised. Your articles can be posted freely on article directory like:
(they can also help submit your articles to other directly for peanut).

Advance Marketing Techniques
Automation software: The use of automated software otherwise known as auto-responder in internet marketing can not be over emphasized. These auto-responders will help you create a mailing list to which you can be promoting your products. There are lots of auto- responder: the leaders in the industry are:
getresponse.com - has a 30days trial package
– comes with a 60 days trial
Though they are paid one but you will get the best result for your money. However if you are on a tight budget, you can use any of the following free automation software's.

I am not going to bother you too much with detail discussion of automated software here, you should lay your hand on the book “inside the list” to get full jist, step by step guide and support on creating a targeted mailing list. For keeping it a date with my posting, I want to give you an irresistible offer on getting the e-book “inside the list” http://www.my-linker.com/hop/yourlist

For one on one training and mentoring you can send blank mail to "ewealthexposed@getresponse.com"

Sunday, October 11, 2009


There are thousands of Vendors on the internet that have affiliate products that are ready to be promoted, not all of them are promotable/profitable. To choose a product to promote, you have to find those that are in hot demand. This is called “Niche Marketing”.
I will let you in on some tools you can use to reveal over 500,000 niches that you can dwell into and get your bank account exploded within the next few months.
So, sit back, tighten your seat belt and get ready to learn how to find and bust up niches, the $1 million dollar marketer’s way.

What is a niche?
The word ‘niche’ is defined as: “A special area of demand for a product or service”. According to Wikipedia; a niche market is a focused, targetable portion (subset) of a market. In Affiliate Marketing, Niche Marketing is technique often used by affiliate marketers, by seeking out smaller segments of larger markets. There are an endless number of opportunities to become successful online, and anyone can make money if they spend some time leveraging niche research. There are 100,000’s of niches online, though I cannot cover this in this course, I promise to get it across to you in another format later.

How does niche process works?
Researching is the root of all successful marketing campaigns. Selling something is not difficult; getting buyer is the real problem. Getting the right niche only does not bring you money, you need to understand how the whole thing works; how do you turn a niche into money, and what should the flow look like between finding niche, understanding the industry and how to make money within a niche. The three components of niche marketing are:
- The audience (niche)
- The inform (connection between the niche and a product)
- The buy (what the people “buy”)

SO, the FLOW from the beginning to the end looks like this:
Find niche + Understand niche + Find Product to Promote + build Campaign = EARN $$$$

The niche hunting strategies are:
1. 590.000 niche markets
The largest human-edited directory on the web, listed over 590,000 niches, though many people did not realise this. This site gave free access to these niches and also gets them organised methodologically.
Here is the link to the site: http:www.dmoz.org

2. “STEAL” from competitors
Stealing? Yea, I want to teach you how to steal from others. You may not believe that whatever your niche is, several others are promoting it, so you have to know what they know, what they do, what they target and how they are targeting it. How do you get this information? By asking them? No! It’s by stealing form them. One of the best means of doing this is through this web page: http:www.semrush.com
Just type in the URL that you will like to steal from! A list of result will display the keywords that the website is listed under within the search engine. Use these keywords with your own and you are on the way to beating your competitors.

3. Start a romance with Microsoft
Where can you get the hottest news, a bunch of hot niche categories, a load of digital content (that can be leveraged) all in one place? Within the Microsoft Network, also referred to as MSN: http://www.MSN.com

4. The good old Google.com is still good
If you want to succeed in Affiliate Marketing, you have to follow trend and this can only be gotten through: http://www.google.com/trends/hottrends]. Have you ever pay for keyword research? Or you are just planning to pay for one. STOP! Get these for http://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordTool/External

5. Need new keyword ideas? 
Embrace Snap.com; a new school type of search engine. This site will give different keyword variations as well as reveal many niches and sub-niches that you would not have thought of. So check out http://www.snap.com

6. Online Shopping Arcade
You can use Online Shopping Arcade like ebay.com and amazon.com get what people are shopping for online. What best means of getting profitable niches?

Systematic following of these Six strategies will not only enhance your affiliate marketing strategies, it will also ease your path to financial freedom. However, if you are the type that prefer short-cuts and see these strategies as being too cumbersome, you can get the six as all-in-one package HERE.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Easy Steps To Learn Affiliate Marketing The Right Way

Make money at home experts are of the strong opinion that the easiest and fastest way to make money online is through affiliate marketing. The most excellent thing about affiliate marketing is that you don’t need any business or marketing technical know to be successful in it. All you need to succeed is creativity, time and little effort.

Affiliate marketing is so simple that you can start making money online right now and become an affiliate marketer the next hour. All you have to do is sign up with any of the free affiliate sites such as Clickbank, choose a product to promote and then start promoting it. The best thing about affiliate marketing is that you can promote an unlimited number of products and services. However, you have to follow these simple steps to succeed as an affiliate marketer

Learn the way of Super Affiliates
Sign up with the best affiliate training programme online and start implementing the education they provide together with their free tools.

Start a Campaign
Jump start your affiliate marketing programme by creating a campaign to start with. A campaign simply means all plans you have in mind to use in promoting your affiliate product. There are lots of affiliate marketing campaign and the most popular among them is called pay-per-click (PPC). PPC as the name implies is a paid advertising campaign where you pay whenever anybody click on your advert. However, for those with tight budget and or newbie, this is not the best campaign to start with because of the amount of money it may involve. There are lots of free campaign programme that newbie can you use to make money online from affiliate marketing. Among these are blogging/review site, squidoo lens, article writing, automation software and forum crawling. The One week marketing and Travis Sago’s free Bum Marketing E-course are among the best companion for newbies to make money through affiliate marketing

The above explanation of affiliate marketing maybe a simple but it provides an outline of how affiliate marketing works. There are many resources available that can help you to learn more about affiliate marketing. In choosing resources to use online there is need to be extra-careful and more vigilant because many affiliate marketing resources from so-called “gurus” are simply hype and empty materials that they use to extort money from you.

The best affiliate marketing resources around are the ones that provide real, down-to-earth information about how to make money online.

The Author is an affiliate marketer, a member of the largest and No. 1 affiliate training center online- Wealthy Affiliate University. “Did you find those tips in this post useful? Get over 300 resources free Here to learn more!

Friday, October 9, 2009

5 Steps To Affiliate Marketing Without Having A Website

Have you been deterred from making money online because of your tight budget? I know you would have heard it often that you need a website to become successful online; this is nothing but a farce. Your success as an affiliate marketer is not tied to a website or blog (whether paid or free).

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make money on the internet. An affiliate program gives you the opportunity to earn money for directing a customer or lead to another business with or without a website, squeeze page or splash page. You are usually paid a percentage of the sale price, or a certain amount for generating a lead.

The common thing is to build a website, or squeeze page, just to market one particular affiliate program. At times people even combine more than one affiliate products on a site or blog either to review or to promote complementary products; whichever way, the affiliate make his/her money if he knows his salt.

However, does it mean that you will be left out of this legal and easy source of alternative income because you don’t have the means to get a website or don’t have the know how? NO, Affiliate marketing has gone beyond that.
So, what do you do to make money without a website?

STEP 1 - Choose a Niche
Yea a niche! The first step in affiliate marketing is choosing a niche. The word ‘niche’ is defined as: “A special area of demand for a product or service” this could be done through a lot of means.

STEP 2 - Pick your product
The next thing to do after having researched and discover hot niche is to pick hot product in the niche. This is very easy with the number of affiliate networks online. You can pick from “clickbank.com”, “linkshare.com”, “and commission junction”, “paydotcom.com”. Get registered with them, pick your product, get your hoplink or link code and go to the next step.

STEP 3 - Bum Marketing
This is where the work lies and it is your alternative to a website. Article writing- otherwise known as Bum marketing- is adjudged one of the best means of promoting a product online. Bum marketing is simply as the name implies a dummies marketing approach, in other word it can be done by jus anybody. You know what? All you need is to pick profitable keyword, write your article around it, submit to article directories with your link and sit back to profit from your work. If you can write at least two articles a day, then you are on your way to financial freedom. Note that writing article alone is not enough; you have to prepare you BIO section to worth the salt

STEP4 - Article Submission
After your article has been writing you then get it submitted to article directories who in turn publish such for public use. If your article is in a hot niche(s), your article will receive patronage, so also your sales.

STEP 5 - Repeat 1- 4
Repeat the steps above over and over

The Author is an affiliate marketer, a member of the largest and No. 1 affiliate training center online. “Did you find those tips in this post useful? Get over 300 resource free Here to learn more!